Sunday, August 31, 2008

Update on Friends

Josiah has been making progress with his neighbor friends. The girls are now at times coming over to ask if he can play. And yes, a mom can make a difference. I've been trying to reach out to their mothers with my five words of Spanish. This seems to have made an impact on the little girls who are appreciating my efforts even though they have to translate for us. :-)

Our older friend who is over more is still a challenge at times, but I've been able to help him with a few small things here and there. God keeps reminding me that I have a fantastic opportunity to help love and shape a young boy into all that God is desiring for him. My struggle is that my little boy thinks the sun rises and sets with his friend. This nine year old could get angry with him a million times over, and Josiah would never notice.

Lord, may my little boy open his arms to all and share your love with everyone in need.

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