Sunday, August 17, 2008

Do You Want to Be My Friend?

My sweet boy is one of the most social children I know. Maybe it's from being born into our ministry of hospitality or just his personality in general. He will invite anyone and everyone over to our house, especially if they are a kid.

Since we moved to the new place, he gets very excited whenever he sees other kids. One such friend is a nine-year old boy who, being bored at home, comes over six out of seven days of the week. Mommy's patience with this friend is not always great, but I keep praying that God will show me how to love this little boy who seeks out our home as a safe refuge in spite of having to play with a three year old.

The other side of the spectrum is four little Hispanic girls who live just a few apartments down. Josiah is thrilled when he sees them, and since he doesn't know their names, he just yells, "GIRLS! Hey, girls! You want to play with me?" as loud as he can.

They are fickle in whether they want to play or not. Sometimes they are busy doing girl things, and run away from Josiah. One such time this week broke Mommy's heart. I could tell they weren't interested, but Josiah just wasn't getting the picture. Finally when they blatantly said "No, we don't want to play with you," he came running over to me crying. He just couldn't understand why they didn't want to play with him.

Even the times they do say yes, they seem to have to be coaxed to play with Josiah. Not so, him. Maybe it's an age thing. I've seen him react that way to 2 year-olds, but he is often quite sweet and happy to play near babies and others.

So my Mommy dilemma is how do I help him understand and yet not follow these patterns himself? I suppose helping him put his feelings into words and then reminding him of those feelings when others come around, is the best way. One side thing I'd like him to learn is how to speak Spanish. Most importantly, I want my boy to be one of the most loving, open and kind people ever. Maybe a good way to say it, is I want him to be Christ-like as he grows.

If there are any parents who read this post and have ideas, please send them my way.

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Joanne said...

That just breaks my heart... I don't have any advice, since I've never been there with Elise, but I'm not looking forward to the day it happens. I tend to get a little feisty with those who hurt the ones I love.