Friday, January 2, 2009

The Sun is Out--Hallelujah!

One of the few things I hate about winter is the dark gray "bleh" clouds that can stay for days. These are the kinds of clouds that are so dark, you wonder if it's still night when you wake up, and never brighten. After two days of that, I start to feel in a funk, and like I could just stay in bed all day.

Today is the first day we actually have some sun, and I'm LOVING it! I need to see that sun shining through.

That reminds me that in life, there are days when I can strongly feel God's presence, and others where it feels like He is hiding behind the "clouds" of life. I need to be reminded that He is still there in all His power, and I can still praise Him even though I don't see Him. God, may I never forget.

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