Saturday, December 6, 2008

Keeping Up With Other Peoples Blogs

I have a decent list of blogs that I subscribe to because I value them for some reason. Some blogs I read are just for fun or for hearing about my friends thoughts on life. I have linked to all the blogs that talk about Steven Curtis Chapman since his daughter's death. Others are for learning from stronger believers who are using their blogs to educate.

If you were to give a guess, which ones do you think I am good at reading right away? If you guessed my friends', you would be correct. About equal to that are the SCC family blogs. I am discovering that they are a very cool family as a whole.

Lastly, of course, are the ones written by those from whom I want to learn. I can't peruse those quickly. Some of them I want to take time to really read. But here's the problem. Their list keeps getting longer and longer, and begs the question, "How long will the list be before I sit down to read?". And will I ever take time to get caught up, or will I just eventually scan them quickly and jump to the next until I have "read" them all, and thus feel better about it.

Pretty sure that writing on my own blog takes away from some of this time, but hey, I think after reading a few hundred other blogs, I deserve a break today. Don't you think so too? :-)

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Jason Boyett said...

Hey, Kim. Just wanted to say thanks for the comment about young people and church attendance on my blog. I appreciate what you had to say and the work you guys are doing.