Thursday, September 25, 2008

Finding Financial Peace

We have been fans of Dave Ramsey for awhile, but this fall we started taking his Financial Peace University. I just have to say I have really been enjoying it. Tomorrow Eric and I will sit down for our monthly budget meeting, and I am actually looking forward to it.

I used to think that the denial was more freeing. But the weeks when we have been sitting down and doing our budget, I have actually felt more free because I'm not afraid that we are spending what we don't have. I'm more proactive in my shopping for groceries, and it just makes me think more before I grab that extra item that we don't actually need this week.

Now hopefully we can start achieving these goals we have financially, pay down our debt and get on track. I'm loving the class because it is keeping us accountable to these needed steps.

Go, Dave Ramsey!

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Joanne said...

Dave Ramsey Rocks! We found him at the end of our getting out of debt struggle, and the funny thing is, we were doing everything pretty much as he says to do it! I still need to call you. I've been meaning to, but things are crazy still (Elise's numbers haven't been very good). Sorry I'm such a bum.